Price Check On Snuggies. Thoughts on Thanksgiving and Turbo Capitalism.

After a nice day of eating  – scratch that- over indulging in wonderful Thanksgiving treats and passing out on the couch to a marathon of James Bond movies on Spike, what better way is there to pay homage to our nations puritan settlers than to roll out of bed the next morning and do what our fore fathers dreamed us to do: rush to the nearest Wal-Mart, Macy’s , Best Buy or any other retailer to “make a saving” and buy those Snuggies we’ve had our eye on.

It seems we can’t even allow ourselves enough time for the indigestion to set in before we think about pitching a tent in a mall parking lot with the hopes of being one of the lucky few who will get our hands on those discounted “must-haves”.

Well, America isn’t alone in this fun tradition of hyping up sales. Our friends on the other side of the pond are just as guilty in their attempts to get a “Schnäppchen” (“deal” – literally “grab” in German) at the cost of having to recklessly stampede into retailers.

For all six of you who have looked at this blog so far, here’s a video of what appears to be the grand opening of an electronics store in Germany.


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