Fixed Gears? Yeah, good luck with that.

One thing thing that I’ve noticed since I came to Columbia in the Fall of 2007 was that there’s been an increase in the popularity of bicycling and the promotion of bicycling. Whether it be Columbia hosting a stage of the Tour of Missouri in 2007 or Sustain Mizzou members donating their time to educate fellow students about safe cycling, one fact remains: bicycling is big in Columbia. And it makes sense, with the MKT trail and the recent passing of the bicycle ordinance, Columbia is on its way to becoming a more bicycle orientated community. 3304256768_8460932ede

However, there is one increasingly popular bicycle trend that I can only label as unfortunate: fixed geared bikes. I’ll often see a group of students cruising around 9th street together most of them on fixed geared bikes. Nonsense I say. What’s the point of having a bike that doesn’t even have brakes? The biggest problem I have with these bikes is the whole annoying cliché that goes along with it. Anyways, got to run now but I’ll have more on this later…

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