Price Check On Snuggies. Thoughts on Thanksgiving and Turbo Capitalism.

After a nice day of eating  – scratch that- over indulging in wonderful Thanksgiving treats and passing out on the couch to a marathon of James Bond movies on Spike, what better way is there to pay homage to our nations puritan settlers than to roll out of bed the next morning and do what our fore fathers dreamed us to do: rush to the nearest Wal-Mart, Macy’s , Best Buy or any other retailer to “make a saving” and buy those Snuggies we’ve had our eye on.

It seems we can’t even allow ourselves enough time for the indigestion to set in before we think about pitching a tent in a mall parking lot with the hopes of being one of the lucky few who will get our hands on those discounted “must-haves”.

Well, America isn’t alone in this fun tradition of hyping up sales. Our friends on the other side of the pond are just as guilty in their attempts to get a “Schnäppchen” (“deal” – literally “grab” in German) at the cost of having to recklessly stampede into retailers.

For all six of you who have looked at this blog so far, here’s a video of what appears to be the grand opening of an electronics store in Germany.


20 years later: The Berlin Wall.


If the world really did have a pulse it would be beating hardest in Berlin. Today Germany and the rest of the world will be remembering the fall of the Berlin wall, which of course marked the beginning of the end of communism in Europe. The celebration in Berlin will be accompanied by various Heads of State (the U.S. sent Secretary of State Hilary Clinton to Berlin).

To represent the fall of the wall students from Germany and around the world have prepared 8 to 9 foot decorated “dominos”, which will be pushed over to symbolize the end of the idealistic battle of the Cold War and the destruction of other borders that divide a common people (some dominos painted by children and artist from the divided countries of Cyprus and North/South Korea). 

The FAZ (Frankfurter General Newspaper) provided a video on its home-page regarding the various celebrations throughout Berlin. Also, for any German speakers who might somehow stumble upon this site, the FAZ provided an interesting interactive page about the history of the Berlin Wall.  



This is pretty much how I will always remember the Fall of the Berlin Wall – through stock footage. It’s really too bad that I wasn’t even a year old yet when one of the previous centuries most important events occurred. The conclusion of a roughly 40 year struggle between capitalism and communism had come to an end and people on both sides of the Wall were finally at ease with one another. My whole life people have been telling me about the fall of the Berlin Wall as if I had slept through the world’s exciting event: “oh you should have seen it…it was such an exciting time for everybody….and nobody saw it coming!” Yeah, thanks for rubbing it it. But it must have been like that for my parents when their parents spoke to them about the end of WWII, after all growing up during the 50s and 60s was basically like growing up in the shadow of the WWII. 

I guess that’s the fun part about history, we experience past events through the anecdotal tales of our parents, grandparents, relatives and friends and if we want to dig up something older than that we might even open up a book!


More on biking/fixed gears.

Here is funny video I found that pokes fun at fixed geared bikes. This time the argument comes from the perspective of a “serious” cyclist. But the road cyclists aren’t getting the last laugh here by any means. The video also calls out the extravagant nature of road cyclists by highlighting all the expensive equipment they splurge on just so they can look like Lance on the weekends…

I should probably mention that I found this video on posting from a German blog on popular culture and trends. This just goes to show you that the pseudo-rivalry between fixed-geared bikers and road cyclists is a international affair.

Fixed Gears? Yeah, good luck with that.

One thing thing that I’ve noticed since I came to Columbia in the Fall of 2007 was that there’s been an increase in the popularity of bicycling and the promotion of bicycling. Whether it be Columbia hosting a stage of the Tour of Missouri in 2007 or Sustain Mizzou members donating their time to educate fellow students about safe cycling, one fact remains: bicycling is big in Columbia. And it makes sense, with the MKT trail and the recent passing of the bicycle ordinance, Columbia is on its way to becoming a more bicycle orientated community. 3304256768_8460932ede

However, there is one increasingly popular bicycle trend that I can only label as unfortunate: fixed geared bikes. I’ll often see a group of students cruising around 9th street together most of them on fixed geared bikes. Nonsense I say. What’s the point of having a bike that doesn’t even have brakes? The biggest problem I have with these bikes is the whole annoying cliché that goes along with it. Anyways, got to run now but I’ll have more on this later…

Olympic Result.


Well, in case you’ve been living in a cave (God, I hate that expression but I couldn’t think of anything else) or you just don’t care about sports and world politics in general, Rio de Janerio has won its bid to be the 2016 host city for the summer Olympics. As a mid-westerner, obviously I would have preferred Chicago to have been the winner – and honestly, I’m really surprised they didn’t get it.

After all, Brazil is already going to be hosting the 2014 World Cup and only two years later they’ll be hosting the Olympics as well? Come on, let’s not be greedy, guys.

Even though I’m a bit disappointed with the result, the Olympics in Rio is going to be a South American first, and no offense to Chicago, but I’m pretty sure that they can out-party anyone.

About the name.

So, I realize that it’s pretty audacious of me to try and claim that I, a 20 year old from Missouri, can simplify the collective consciousness of the entire world and compress it into a blog. Contrary to what the title may suggest, that is not what I’m trying to do. The main focus of the blog will be for me to scope out interesting trends and publications and add commentary to them…

What this is all about.

I am a 20 year old student from the University of Missouri with an interest in traveling, world news, film, writing, language and politics. The purpose of this  blog is basically for me to find interesting articles, web sties and other publications that fit these categories and write about them. A large part of the blog’s content will be directed towards international trends but I also plan to cover domestic topics. Ok now that the boring part is over let’s get going!